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Amendments to Trust Deed

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About us

The Hutt Mana Charitable Trust supports great community groups and projects in the Hutt Valley, Porirua City and Wellington North.

Twice a year we have a grants round to distribute earnings returned on circa $35 million of community assets, which are mainly invested in national and international markets.

There are two grants rounds each year, opening on 1 February and 1 August, and closing on the last Friday of those months.

The Hutt Mana Charitable Trust was financially involved in a study of respiratory health headed by the University of Otago during the 2018 income year.
A final report on the results can be found here.

Scholarships were provided to the following secondary school pupils during the 2018 year:

Grant Information


Grants must be for the benefit of the communities within the Hutt Mana area, namely Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt, Porirua City, and Johnsonville-Tawa-Newlands and Churton Park. Grants must be in accordance with the Trust’s objectives. The criteria and processes by which grant applications are considered are:

  • All applicant organisations must be recognised as being non-commercial, not for profit organisations and have no commercial affiliation.
  • Organisations that have been established for less than 12 months must provide an annual budget. Where organisations have been established longer than 12 months, they must provide audited accounts.
  • Each applicant is entitled to one grant only per annum other than in an exceptional circumstance.
  • There must be no conflict of interest existing between the applicant and the provider of the goods or services.
  • The purpose of the grant must be “future focussed” and not retrospective.
  • Expenses must be incurred within New Zealand with the exception of items not available in New Zealand.
  • Operating expenses, such as salaries and wages, will be considered but are rated as a low priority than capital or one-off expenses. Administration expenses have a very low priority rating and will not normally be considered.
  • An application for a grant must not be for a purpose that the New Zealand Government or a local authority is obligated to meet.
  • The purchase of motor vehicles is a low priority and will not normally be considered.
  • Catering and bar expenses will only be considered where special circumstances exist.
  • Applications must be for the benefit of amateur participants only.
  • Applications must be for the benefit of players – not supporters.
  • Sports clubs should be affiliated to a SPARC recognised national body and preference will be given to those that fulfil this requirement.
  • Only clubs may apply for funding and applications from individual teams will not be considered.
  • Funding for overseas travel will only be considered where the person or group concerned are representing New Zealand and the application is confirmed by the national body.
  • The Trust will not normally fund school expenditure, and will in no case be a substitute for government expenditure.
  • The Trust will consider applications relating to youth activities which are outside of or additional to the day to day school expenditures.

Trust Focus Areas

The Trust’s objective is to build a strong and sustainable community and environment. The Trust’s business plan identifies several priority focus areas for the immediate future. These were selected as priorities on the basis of feedback received on consultation of the Trust’s future.

Providers & Agencies

Below are some useful links to some of the organisations the Trust deals with.

Timing of grants

There are two grants rounds each year, opening on 1 February and 1 August, and closing on the last Friday of those months.

All applications received by the trust during a grant round, will be considered by the Trust’s five Trustees in the month following the close of applications.
Applications received by the trust outside of a grant round will not be considered.