our next grant round opens on the 1 September 2022


Research projects

that help us target our funding in a more effective way toward the more vulnerable sectors of our communities


Recently we provided $40,250 funding for University of Otago research into rental housing in our area. This provided us with empirical evidence to back up our thinking as to where future funding could be targeted.

In 2018 we helped fund the first two phases of the Nest study of respiratory health (in the Hutt Mana area) headed by the University of Otago. We provided $113,850 towards this important research.


The Nest Study

The Nest Study aims to examine the respiratory health benefits of improving the domestic environment in the new-born’s first two years of life by:


Improving insulation

  • An insulation check is provided to participants who do not have insulation in both their ceiling and floor
  • Funding assistance is provided to low income families for insulation

Providing bedding

  • Participants receive a sleep sack for their baby to use; participants are randomised to receive a duck down, polyester, or merino wool sleep sack.

Improving home heating

  • A $200 power credit is provided to heat baby’s room during their first winter
  • Heaters are given to families who do not have one and cannot access one


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