Warm homes
are healthy homes

We’re helping to improve the houses in our area to meet current best practice energy efficiency standards.

We do this by funding energy providers to undertake this work for us in the community.

We are currently funding the Sustainability Trust and EnergySmart to insulate houses in our region. These organisations know the communities in our region, they know where the issues are and who will benefit most by having improvements made to make their homes warmer. Our funding helps subsidize the cost of this insultation making it more affordable for the many families using the service each year.

We also fund Well Homes, one of nine Healthy Housing Initiatives under the Ministry of Health’s Rheumatic Fever Prevention programme.

Well Homes aims to reduce crowding and to assist whānau in making their homes safe, healthy and dry. Well Homes works closely with whānau who have a low income, who have children with respiratory conditions or who have been previously hospitalised, and with mothers who are pregnant or who have newborn babies.

The Well Homes team carries out assessments with the family in their home and identifies needs which may include structural damage or safety, insulation, heating and curtains as well as provide education around ventilation and how to reduce, treat and prevent mould.

Small improvements can make a really big difference to families.

We are also leveraging off central Government funding that is being made available for retrofitting through the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).


Porirua Housing Project

We’re changing the lives of families in Porirua East and north Wellington through our Tumai Hauora Kī Porirua – Porirua Housing Project.

Together with Tū Ora Compass Health, Porirua Union, the Sustainability Trust and Well Homes we are funding wrap-around services for some of the most vulnerable families in our community.

This includes a total package of nursing support and energy improvements providing everything from warm bedding, to installing insulation, to new curtains, whatever is needed.

Every family also receives a winter care package containing the essentials of light bulbs, detergents, cleaning products as well as winter warmers like blankets and jackets.

We initially provided Tū Ora Compass Health with $125,000 in 2018 for a pilot programme in Porirua East working with 20 families. Based on that success we’re now providing $250,000 to support 40 families, in Porirua East and in north Wellington.

Check out the latest news on the Porirua Housing Project here.

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