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Titahi Bay School

Installation of energy efficient lighting


Installation of energy efficient lighting

Pinehaven School received $2,500 from Hutt Mana Charitable Trust towards the installation of energy efficient LED lighting throughout the school.

In August 2018, the school spent $3,500 retrofitting LED lighting in six classrooms, the staffroom and administration area.

This has significantly improved lighting, as well as provided greater power saving efficiencies.

The school intends to fit out the other four classrooms and library when a refurbishment of that block occurs in 2019.

Without the grant of $2,500 the school would not have been in a position to fund this project and is very grateful for the support.

The school has just been awarded a Silver Enviroschools Award and the school sees the energy saving lighting as a great learning opportunity for the children which will assist the community in moving towards gaining the Green Gold Award.


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