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Rewa Rewa School

Swimming pool heating development


Swimming pool heating

Rewa Rewa School spent several years fundraising to transform its school pool into a year-round facility. The funding from Hutt Mana Charitable Trust was used help minimise running costs by installing efficient power and water heating options.

With the money the school was able to purchase two heat pumps to heat the water to 32 degrees.  As well as the heat pumps, some of the additional improvements to the pool include a covered roof, upgraded changing sheds, new concrete, outdoor lighting fixtures and a lick of new paint on the pool itself.

Currently the school has their own students using the pool for swimming lessons with Easyswim each week. Other local schools are transporting children to the pool each week for lessons and the local community is using the pool for after school lessons as well as in the weekends.

This is just Stage 1 of the school’s development plans for the use of the pool – it is already looking at other ideas such as pool birthday parties, inter school triathlon and flippaball.

Swimming pools consume a lot of energy and are in constant need of upgrades. The school has since installed solar panels for electricity generation to future-proof use of this facility and ensure the continued benefit for everyone in the local community.








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